The objectives of the proposed e-IRGSP4 project are to assist the e-IRG in achieving its goals by providing full operational services. These services are already provided by the previous and present support programmes but new activities as well as more involvement on the part of the support programme will be required. With the approval of its new strategy e-IRG's engagement and activities will increase, which will also require additional contribution from the support programme. Furthermore, eIRG will cultivate its relationship with ESFRI, which will also require further responsibilities from the support programme.
Although the engagement of the support programme will increase, the different categories in which the support programme will support e-IRG will remain identical: secretarial services, policy support actions, and dissemination.

The following support activities will be performed:

  1. Organisation of e-IRG workshops and other events
  2. Preparation of e-IRG delegate meetings
  3. Secretarial tasks for e-IRG Chair and e-IRG Executive Board